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For 25 years, internationally renowned organisations have trusted Charterhouse to design, provision and support the technology that underpins their operations. You too could benefit from our wide range of technology expertise and vendor relationships which allow us to recommend, design and deliver the right solution for your business - whether it be cloud, connectivity, networking, mobile or security. We'd like to introduce "Fusion".

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What is fusion?

The digital journey for your business starts with Fusion.


Every business needs:

  • Fast, reliable connectivity
  • To be able to collaborate effectively, both with customers and its own people
  • To operate securely across all networks and endpoints

The Charterhouse response is Fusion: the hybrid cloud solution that gives your business the flexibility and agility you need to react quickly to market conditions.

Connect. Collaborate. Secure.

Fusion is underpinned by these 3 pillars, and, working together, they ensure your business thrives in today’s world of digital disruption.

Fusion Connect »

High performance, reliable LAN, WiFi and mobile solutions mean you can access your services from any location through diverse multi carrier, multi ISP and multi-technology solutions. Enterprise mobility solutions empower your workforce while Disaster Recovery, Back Up and Storage services ensure your data is protected.

Flying high with more bandwidth & built-in security for Air Partner. Find out how seamless solutions from Charterhouse met Air Partner’s exacting requirements, helping them increase productivity, improve connectivity, reduce costs, and introduce robust cyber security and disaster recovery. Read Case Study »

Is your business missing out on all the benefits SD-WAN has to offer? From cost savings and improved application performance, increased visibility & control to reducing time to market and improving SaaS service quality, it could be just what your business needs to respond to increases in demand and the desire for a better user experience. Learn more »

Fusion Collaborate »

Enhance both customer and workforce experience through simple, reliable and secure communication and collaboration tools that are accessible from any location on any device – empowering your teams to work remotely. Customer contact solutions enabling secure interactions through choice of communication channel, accessible from any location, on any device. And document management, process automation and scanning technology give you complete control of your business processes.

Discovering telephony for the future at the Museum of London. Learn how working with Charterhouse brings the Museum’s telephony into the 21st Century with resilience, stability, functionality and significant cost savings to the client, underpinned by our consultative approach and professional expertise. Read Case Study »

The best place to work = the highest level of customer satisfaction. CVD can help your business on its journey to delivering an outstanding customer experience through an empowered workforce by demonstrating the technology that improves team working & collaboration. Learn more »

Fusion Secure »

Protect your business against the cyber threats of today, and those of the future. Fusion Secure assesses weaknesses or gaps in your security posture and delivers preventative solutions against known and unknown attacks. No preventive solution is a ‘silver bullet’, therefore as part of a layered approach to cyber security, we deliver solutions that detect and respond against successful attacks. Minimise risk, reputational damage and ensure you comply with regulations – all of which are crucial to the ongoing success of your organisation.

Shadow IT. Most businesses allow IT that isn’t provided by them to be used by employees but how should you approach its use from a security perspective? If you don’t have visibility around your data, how do you protect it? How do you comply with GDPR? Learn more »

How to efficiently detect, investigate and respond to threats. The good news is that threats can now not only be detected much more efficiently, but your team can receive a visual, correlated set of information showing the complete picture of the threat, enabling them to concentrate on the response. View Webinar »


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