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Realise new efficiencies and savings while reducing paper usage, with print management solutions from Charterhouse Group.

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Get better insight and control over your organisation’s print

Recent years have seen an overall drive towards document digitalisation and the paperless office. However, the creation, printing, and sharing of documents still represents a significant proportion of the average working day. As technology advances and the need to control operating costs continue, businesses are increasingly looking for new ways to control the access and release of information from the business.


A successful print management solution should combine the best elements of print hardware and management software, together with monitoring, support and services to deliver a seamless print platform. It should enable you to reduce paper waste, decrease your carbon footprint, improve your control of documents and information, and adhere to ever-increasing rules and regulations around data and document security. At the same time, it should also reduce your print costs, while improving your user experience of the ever-mobile worker.

Benefits of a print management solution

  • Reduce print volume and all associated costs, such as maintenance and paper use, while improving machine longevity.
  • Ensure that you are using the latest best-of-breed print equipment with improved platform integration and features.
  • Gain oversight of all print, copy and scan activity across your organisation, helping to improve visibility of your print costs.
  • Access numerous reports on all device activity, across all sites at the touch of a button.
  • Allow users to walk up to any device in the organisation to release their print jobs, eliminating print waste.
  • Decrease your carbon footprint by reducing print volumes and utilising new energy-efficient equipment.
  • Log in to any device, and automatically send a scan to your email address or a pre-selected network location.
  • Improve security around print, and control what information leaves the business.
  • Enable guests to use your print fleet in a controlled manner.
  • Improve staff productivity with improved machine up-time and exceptional levels of service.

Your expert partner for print management solutions

At Charterhouse, we have built a wealth of experience through consistently delivering the latest print technology to organisations across the UK and internationally. We are perfectly positioned to give you advice and recommendations on how to achieve all of your print-related goals, improving your service experience, whilst saving you time and money.


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