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Make Room for the Future of Meetings

When remote team members feel as immersed in meetings as those in the office, hybrid meetings really work.

We’ve become accustomed to the convenience of online meetings. Millions of workers have embraced more flexible diaries, easy meeting set-up, instant access to rich media and content, and seamless collaboration via desktop, mobile and voice. We are back to seeing our colleagues in person once again. However, for many, the way we work has changed irreversibly.

A New Meeting Room Culture

For generations, office meeting rooms have been the heartbeat of workplace collaboration. But now, as distributed work practices are adopted widely and employees demand the benefits of virtual interaction, businesses are transforming their collaboration culture, and how office meeting spaces are equipped and used

The New Virtual Collaboration Space

Hybrid working is now the norm with workers alternating office time with remote working. People prefer the benefits of virtual meeting solutions like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet.

To keep pace, organisations need to transform their office meeting rooms into virtual collaboration spaces. Dead, obsolete video-conferencing tech must be replaced with systems that support the latest virtual meeting platforms, deliver a high-quality user-experience, enable easy online collaboration with multiple external participants and support a full range of voice, video and messaging functions.

Microsoft Teams Rooms: The Meeting Rooms of Tomorrow


Microsoft has developed a meeting room solution to cater specifically for businesses with new ‘back to the office’ collaboration needs.

Brought to you by Charterhouse, Microsoft Teams Rooms offers a native Teams experience with HD audio and video delivered on Teams-certified hardware.

Teams Rooms is scalable and can be deployed across a range of different workspaces, from small meeting rooms to larger conference areas or multi-purpose rooms.
Download the eBook about Teams rooms here:

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Certified Audio-Visual Hardware

Teams Rooms is controlled with a single touch-panel that allows the operator to stay in complete control of the meeting without leaving their seat. Integrated solutions are ideal for smaller spaces and combine speakers, microphones, camera, and computer into a single device that can be mounted on any display. For larger rooms, modular solutions can be easily scaled up by pairing with a range of approved A/V peripherals.

Users are assured of reliable, high-quality audio and video thanks to Microsoft Surface Hub and partnerships with leading hardware manufacturers such as Crestron, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Logitech, Poly and Yealink.

The Benefits

•   Equip Meeting Rooms with Microsoft Teams
•   Seamless, Content-Rich Experience
•   Meetings are 100% Inclusive regardless of your location
•   Exceed Customer Expectations
•   Motivate Your Employees
•   Easy and Hassle-Free
•   Space-Conscious for Extra Safety
•   Flexible and Scalable
•   Reliable and Certified Hardware

Why Charterhouse

Plan, Deliver, Operate. Your End-to-End Solution

Charterhouse provides everything you need to get started, including needs-assessment, delivery, installation, testing and ongoing technical support of your audio-visual equipment.
From initial brief to launch, our AV engineers and Microsoft Teams experts can equip your rooms to deliver the very best meeting experiences

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