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Enable your organisation with an uninterrupted, fast and secure network, anticipating the challenges and opportunities of today and tomorrow.

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Your network is key to your success

The incredible growth of new technologies is challenging all kinds of network owners to re-examine the capabilities required to support organisational demands.


Your network needs to deliver instant access to your business-critical data, services and applications, wherever and whenever you need it. In order to use game-changing applications and workforce-enabling communications, you need a suitable underlying infrastructure – delivering intelligence, speed and above all, availability.

Network solutions to empower your organisation

Charterhouse can deliver and support integrated solutions for secure network infrastructure, with a comprehensive portfolio of verified solutions including:

  • Local Area Networking – Switching, routing, and operating technologies
  • Wireless Networking – Secure access, proven coverage, location analytics
  • Security – Firewalls, intrusion prevention, content filtering, malware protection
  • Wide Area Networking – Connecting your users, sites and data centres
  • Cloud – Integrating your network with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services
  • Management Tools – Monitor and control your entire network via a single pane of glass

Digital business places new demands on your network – our experience provides you with the network architecture that will allow your business to react to new opportunities

The right solution to secure your network infrastructure

Networking is the very foundation of what we do at Charterhouse – and what our business is built upon. With over 25 years’ experience, we design and build the secure network infrastructure to support your users and applications across private, cloud and hybrid environments.

Charterhouse’s advanced networking solutions use the latest network security infrastructure technology from industry leaders such as Cisco and Palo Alto Networks. With our expertise in integrating solutions from leading partners, Charterhouse is your one-stop shop for the provision of critical communications infrastructure, within budget and on time.

Embodying the key elements of secure network infrastructure best practice, our solutions and services deliver the capabilities your business needs – both today and for the future.

A network designed around your goals

Your business model, objectives and future growth strategy will dictate the design of your critical infrastructure. We take a structured, methodical approach to network design, to ensure that all elements are developed with your broader business requirements in mind.

We have accumulated extensive knowledge and experience of integrating networking technologies for organisations of all sizes; across a broad spectrum of industries. We also commit to maintaining the highest levels of technical expertise and accreditation for our key vendors. This enables us to design and deliver high-performance, high-availability networks that are scalable, flexible and resilient.

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