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Improving your security posture is critical to the success of your organisation

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Improving your security posture is critical to the success of your organisation

Charterhouse Group understand that the risks from cyber-attacks are increasing – the results of which can be catastrophic for your organisation.  It’s not just the risk of financial damage organisations face, but reputational and operational damage too and these effects penetrate much deeper.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a small business or a multi-national corporation, or whether you operate in the Public or Private sector.  Cyber security is a challenge all organisations must face.

Fusion Secure from Charterhouse Group helps you define and design a robust cyber security roadmap that is aligned to your business goals and reduces the risks you face. We focus on security outcomes and how we can help you achieve a stronger security posture by enabling your IT and Security teams with the visibility, control and information they need to make informed decisions to protect your networks, staff and data.

Experts have talked about reducing the attack surface for years, but with the rise of the cloud and the change to working habits because of the global pandemic, the attack surface has increased in size.

Where is your security perimeter right now? Is it the office? Is it your endpoints? Your cloud environment? Applications? Your people? At this point, we all know that it can be any of them and all of them at the same time

We need to ensure we continue to adapt our security strategy based on contextualised information, regular audits and visibility of everything – including your users, your data, your devices. 

Our Approach

Our extensive experience in securing businesses of all sizes and sectors has allowed us to develop a five-step method that underpins our approach to cyber security.

Our proven approach maximises the use of your existing investments and gives you the visibility you need to make informed decisions to defend against the risks you face.


Discovery : We need to understand your approach to risk, where your users are, where your assets are and what problems you are currently facing.

Get Context : Once we have the correct visibility, we need to understand the context to enable you to prioritise your resources.

Prevention : We prevent every possible attack we can. A successful Cyber Security strategy requires us to identify and prevent all classes of threat.

Automate : We use AI & ML to prevent previously unknown attacks and combat alert fatigue – reducing the workload of the IT & Security Teams is crucial.

Manage : We work with you to manage your security posture as the threat adapts, including ongoing best practice assessments.

Why Fusion Secure?

We believe our customers require a partner with a set of engineers who can tackle complex problems based on your existing setup – without going through tick box exercises that leave you questioning the efficiency and value of the engagement. Our experienced cyber security consultants and engineers work in partnership with your in-house teams, sharing knowledge and best practice as they work.

We’ve partnered with some of the industry’s leading security vendors including Palo Alto Networks, SentinelOne, Proofpoint, Rapid7 and Check Point to enable us to secure your business and your data across network, cloud, users, applications and endpoints.

We’re not just here to sell you technology, we’re here to help you achieve your cyber security goals.

If we can deliver more for less, then we will.​

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