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Integrated enterprise mobility solutions to keep your people seamlessly and securely connected, in the office or on the move - from Charterhouse Group.

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Enterprise mobility is driven by workforce demand

The rise of enterprise mobility reflects a shift in employee working patterns, where staff expect the ability to continue working from any location at any time. This presents a series of evolving communications technology challenges to your organisation that a partner like Charterhouse can help you meet.

Charterhouse provides a range of solutions for managing your mobile workforce and keeping reliably connected on the move while maintaining security, compliance and cost control for your organisation.

Key benefits of embracing enterprise mobility

  • Increase productivity and employee satisfaction.
  • Reduce costs on tariffs and mobile services.
  • Minimise risk by improving security and protection for mobile devices.
  • Maximise ROI of an investment in other technology as users can access them from their devices – such as CRM, conferencing facilities, expense management, and industry-specific technologies.
  • Better visibility and control over user behaviour.
  • Save time and increase productivity, as users can access resources from wherever they choose.
  • Centralise support and consolidate services.
  • Empower users without comprising on security.
  • Manage roaming costs and usage, with location and behaviour-based controls triggered in real-time.

Address all your enterprise mobility considerations

Delivering the benefits of an effective EMM strategy involves significant technology solution design considerations and challenges, in areas such as:

  • Networks, airtime and tariffs
  • Mobile devices and OS
  • Apps required
  • Deployment and integration with existing platforms
  • Policies – mobile working policy (from HR)
  • Enterprise mobile security and identity
  • Extending secure corporate infrastructure with a profile in a corporate container
  • Controlled BYOD
  • Roaming / aggregated data
  • Insurance, in-field device repairs and recycling
  • Rebilling
  • Connected devices / IoT

Solutions for your enterprise mobility challenges

  • Meeting business and user needs: Empower your mobile users without compromising your organisation’s security, policies or procedures.
  • Application integration: Migrating core applications from traditional client-server architecture to be accessible from mobile devices with potentially limited internet access, or to support offline operation if no connection is available.
  • Deployment of corporate apps: Managing mobile app deployment at scale, with your own corporate app store.
  • Mobility management and governance: Controlling the proliferation of devices, access, connections, suppliers, data and applications in a single management framework to reduce exposure to risk, and to ensure compliance to regulatory frameworks and policies.

Our integrated approach to mobility

Unlike the carriers, Charterhouse’s enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions integrate so much more than simple mobile airtime service provision and devices. Like most service providers, we offer a range of business mobile packages and handsets, but we take enterprise mobility to a higher level with a comprehensive range of value-add services.

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Mobile Application Management (MAM)
  • Bring / Choose Your Own Device (BYOD / CYOD)
  • Corporate Owned Personally Enabled (COPE)
  • Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C)
  • Telecoms Expense Management (TEM)
  • Advanced roaming controls

Expect a more tailored service from your mobility partner

Selecting the right enterprise mobility partner is no longer about choosing carriers and devices. It’s critical to understand and incorporate how your people going to work with their critical apps – and to define your mobility strategy.

Rather than deal directly with mobile carriers, our clients choose to work with Charterhouse because we provide a more personal service – taking the time to understand the particular needs of your organisation.

Another advantage is that we can provide you with services from multiple carriers, integrated into a single offering – so you can optimise costs, ensure better service availability and access a greater choice of options. Most carriers actively promote the use of partners such as Charterhouse to provide this kind of dedicated service and specialist expertise.

Our key partners

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