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The Benefits of Document Management

If you want to digitally transform the way you work and enable your employees to work effectively wherever in the world they may be, you need a document management system at the core of your organisation.


  • Save Money – paper reduction, data entry, postage, storage costs
  • Remote access – anywhere in the world instantly, no office – no problem
  • Innovative – Competitive edge, improvement of customer relations, collaborative
  • Security – reduce risk, disaster recover, control access to information, audit trail
  • Time Saving – faster access to information, less data entry, instant task assignment
  • Efficiency -, save time, control processes with centralised management, automate tasks
  • Visibility – better visibility of business processes, reporting, analytics
  • Environmental benefits – reduce paper printing, reduce footprint of office, remove necessity for office

Many finance teams are constrained by manual processes that require them to spend large amounts of time on repetitive tasks. Accounts payable teams are inundated with documents which require printing, copying, scanning and filing. They also need to distribute documents around the business and manually input data into accounts systems whilst also chasing for various levels of approval to fully process these documents.


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Promote a greener, less wasteful workplace

The average UK employee uses 100kg of paper per year. Document management solutions from Charterhouse Group can dramatically reduce your offices’ dependency on printing, saving money, time and improve your green credentials. We do however live in a modern era of electronic communication, but a truly paperless office is yet to materialise. Effective print management can be a quick win for your business. How can you take control of the print aspect of your business while ensuring it remains secure – and take care of the environment at the same time?


Charterhouse achieve DocuWare Platinum Partner

Charterhouse has achieved Platinum Partner status with DocuWare, the industry leader in open Document Management solutions. We achieved this accreditation through the bespoke solutions that we have created for numerous customers – the following case studies illustrate some of those projects.


AMT Coffee has 52 coffee bars and they each deal with their own financial paperwork, banking and till receipts and reporting. All this paperwork was transported to the head office in Knightsbridge where it was unpacked, sorted, processed and then archived. The transportation and archiving of all of this information was insecure and costly. AMT Coffee engaged with Charterhouse to help implement a document management system which would help them streamline their processes, improve their information security whilst saving time and reducing the associated costs.
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Due to the nature of D&G BM’s business, they are responsible for handling and processing huge quantities of financial documents relating to numerous properties across London. All of their information arrived at their head office in London in both digital and paper formats.
Once this had been received, it needed to be opened, read, understood and allocated to the relevant team or person for reconciliation. This process took a long time and in itself generated large volumes of paperwork.
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Small Luxury Hotels are headquartered in London which acts the central base of operations for around the world and this is where all financial documents are processed, paid and stored.
They were always expanding and bringing new hotels into the group and as each hotel joins it brings with it additional requirements for documentation, paperwork and processes all of which is managed from head office.
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William Ellis School had a wide range of intensive paper-based processes for staff HR, which were causing administrative and operational challenges.
They also produced a large volume of paper documentation, which was stored onsite and occupied a large amount of space that could be allocated for better use. It was also becoming increasingly difficult to retrieve particular documents.
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We want to offer an unrivalled service for all our customers and as Platinum partners attend rigorous training on all DocuWare products allowing our engineers to build bespoke solutions to match our customers’ needs.



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