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Create and Maintain a Secure, Compliant and Efficient Cyber Security Architecture


Fusion Secure from Charterhouse Group helps you define and design a robust cyber security roadmap that is aligned to your business goals and reduces the risks you face.


No matter where you are in your cyber security maturity programme, we can assist. If you’re starting out and developing your programme, we can help you understand where your risks are and create a roadmap.


If you already have a roadmap and require technical expertise to help you progress down the path, we can offer consultancy to keep you moving forward either through our advanced cyber security reviews, or our professional services consultancy.


We focus on security outcomes and how we can help you achieve a stronger security posture by enabling your IT and Security teams with the visibility, control and information they need to make informed decisions to protect your networks, staff and data.


Managed Security Services

We provide Managed Security Services ranging from Managed Detection and Response through to Managed Firewalls and Vulnerability Management, delivering security outcomes that are aligned to your company goals. When you work with us you get support from a team of world-class analysts – who will make it their mission to protect your data and your business.


We take a consistently proactive approach to helping you achieve your desired outcomes; including faster issue resolution, reduced risk and increased regulatory compliance.


While some solutions and services become less effective over time, ours are born in automation and are designed to evolve and adapt; to meet new challenges head-on and make sure you’re always one step ahead of threats.  Find Out More »


Traditional Perimeter Security

Traditional Perimeter Security has changed and now encompasses everything from Network and Cloud Firewalls to Application Security, SASE solutions and more.  Whether you’re securing a physical premises or multiple cloud environments, traditional perimeter security is still an integral part of any cyber security strategy.


At the Charterhouse Group, we help organisations design and deliver a perimeter security strategy that reduces risks and protects their users and corporate assets, no matter their location. Find Out More »


People-Centric Security

With the transition to a hybrid work model well underway, the perimeter has shifted to wherever your staff work.  Alongside the requirements for traditional perimeter security, businesses need to ensure they have People-Centric Security solutions in place – such as Endpoint Protection, Security Awareness Training, Email Security and Identity and Access Management.


We have partnered with some of the world’s leading security vendors to provide businesses like yours with solutions that solve the problems you face and enhance your overall security posture.


At the Charterhouse Group, we focus on security outcomes and work with you to build a robust, people-centric security program that will secure your users and data wherever they work. Find Out More »

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