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Charterhouse's resilient, high-performance connectivity solutions leverage our own mission-critical network and our breadth of carrier and service provider partners - to deliver a truly flexible and resilient platform on which to build or adapt your business.

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Connectivity that meets your enterprise demands

The changing face of enterprise networking needs a different type of solution. Internet and cloud services are becoming truly mission-critical. Enterprise data and application hub locations are moving rapidly off-site to private and public cloud and data centre locations, often separated from the enterprise private networks they serve.


Our portfolio consists of a variety of connectivity solutions, ranging from business broadband to dedicated internet access and managed MPLS. Our solutions are tailored to your organisation’s locations and traffic patterns to ensure flexibility and scalability.
Charterhouse can ensure outstanding quality of service (QoS) for your enterprise applications, wherever they may be.

We bring together the services of multiple diverse internet service providers, with on-net cloud service providers, and direct connections to the main hyperscale clouds like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

We can also help you implement Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) – a combination of technologies that enables your organisation to reduce communications cost, prioritise critical systems and ensure maximum service availability.

Performance ensured by managed capacity

Charterhouse’s core MPLS network technology was built from the ground up to support critical business services for a customer base demanding low-latency voice delivery to sites around the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.


With our strict capacity management policy, Charterhouse is able to ensure no single link is ever operated at above 50% average capacity, ensuring wire-speed transmission at all times. Voice, video and other real-time, time-sensitive applications require space to operate. However strong a QoS mechanism, we believe the best way to guarantee performance is to ensure available capacity.

Flexibility with the latest SD-WAN solutions

Industry trends are moving towards cloud and away from traditional MPLS and enterprise datacentre models. In recognition of this, Charterhouse has partnered with leading SD-WAN provider Silver Peak. Our SD-WAN solution can abstract logical network topology from the underlying physical infrastructure. This allows us to deliver Collaboration solutions in weeks rather than months.


Our solution enables the use of up to 20 active physical connections per site – whether they be fibre MPLS for reliability, low cost gigabit fibre internet for masses of capacity, or multiple bonded broadband or 4G connections to reduce cost or enable rapid service delivery.


SD-WAN enables predictable application performance over any combination of transport services, including low-cost consumer broadband. Orchestrated application-driven security policies enable direct internet breakout for trusted SaaS and web applications.


Fully compatible with existing WAN infrastructure, EdgeConnect provides a graceful migration to an SD-WAN and ultimately to the Thin Branch, simplifying the WAN architecture. EdgeConnect high-performance SD-WAN solutions improve business productivity and customer responsiveness while significantly lowering WAN OPEX and CAPEX.


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