Let's talk

Mark Brooks-Wadham
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mark has over 25 years of experience in the business technology channel. In 1987, he started his first business and after five successful years, Mark sold this business and founded Charterhouse Voice & Data in 1993. When not working, Mark is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys performance cycling and climbing.

Matt Tyne
Chief Operating Officer

Matt has responsibility for all of Charterhouse’s Service, Pre-Sales and Support activities. Matt joined us in 2015 from an international IT managed service provider. Prior to that, he worked for one of the world’s biggest global IT suppliers. In both roles, Matt has gained extensive experience in the delivery of complex IT projects. Outside of work, Matt enjoys good food and drink – plus enough cycling to hopefully offset the other activities.

Hugo Holland-Bosworth
Services Director

Hugo has responsibility for all of Charterhouse’s Client Operations and Support activities. Prior to Charterhouse, Hugo spent 22 years at Alternative, joining soon after its inception in 1994. During his time at Alternative, he was appointed to the Executive Board and was responsible for Client Operations across the Group up to the sale of Alternative to Daisy Group in January 2017.

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