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Maintain seamless operations in the face of any incident or disruption - with integrated disaster recovery and enterprise business continuity solutions from Charterhouse.

The era of the always-on enterprise

The reliable flow of voice and data communication is the life-blood of the enterprise. Applications must perform, data must be available, customers connections must be reliable and negotiations and discussions must take place uninterrupted by an unreliable or failing infrastructure.

Incidents that cause an interruption to service can have a long-term damaging impact on revenue, profit and company reputation. In the face of such events it is essential to mitigate risk through robust business continuity and disaster recovery planning that ensures you can maintain business as usual.

In order to deliver secure, resilient access to business-critical data and applications, and ensure customer and staff communication, your organisation needs a robust business continuity strategy, incorporating automation, diversity of service and the flexibility to meet with changing demands.

Goals of enterprise business continuity

Build resiliency into critical infrastructure to protect against outages

Maintain voice call continuity even in the event of circuit failure

Ensure uninterrupted availability of business-critical communication tools

Provide consistent applications performance regardless of locations

Comply with industry legislation and client service level requirements

Protect your customer service levels, your profits and your reputation

Be ready for anything…

With our business continuity solutions, when the unthinkable happens, you’ll be well prepared.

We help you plan for all eventualities. As a part of our discovery process, we will assess your existing infrastructure and identify any potential vulnerabilities; then devise a strategy that balances risk and cost management to deliver a robust and affordable continuity plan.

Our services range from a simple network redesign, adding resilience to pinch points though to highly diverse cloud and on premise solutions that are practically unbreakable.

Example elements of our business continuity solutions

  • Remote Working:
    Provide a consistent user experience with the same communication and collaboration tools in the office, at home or on the move. Your desk, anywhere.
  • SIP Trunking / VoIP:
    Build resilience into your voice communications by load-balancing calls and instantly re-routing inbound and outbound calls to alternative sites.
  • Voice continuity:
    Deliver a seamless customer experience even in the event of disaster as calls fail to backup networks at a packet level, so even if the active line is cut the call can continue.
  • Resilient Data Infrastructure:
    Utilising diverse carriers, multiple Internet service providers, wired and wireless access methods in a hybrid network topology delivers unrivalled service availability.
  • Hosted Telephony:
    Take advantage of truly mission critical grade cloud infrastructures to host your voice systems, ensuring uptime, availability and the flexible access methods your users demand.
  • Hosted Infrastructure:
    Host mission-critical applications in an enterprise level data centre without the capital investment costs.

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