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Managing vulnerabilities is one of the crucial steps in reducing the risk of a successful cyber-attack. Many successful attacks exploit these vulnerabilities and yet organisations of all size have difficulties in developing a successful vulnerability program.


Our Vulnerability Management Software is the vulnerability assessment tool built for the modern web. InsightVM combines complete ecosystem visibility, an unparalleled understanding of the attacker mindset, and the agility of SecOps so you can act before impact.


It’s a race: You against the vulnerabilities living in your network. And this race happens in real-time, not just during a scanning window. Vulnerabilities pop up every day in various forms, so you need constant intelligence to discover them, locate them, prioritise them for your business, act at the moment of impact, and confirm your exposure has been reduced.


The Insight Agent automatically collects data from all your endpoints, even those from remote workers and sensitive assets that cannot be actively scanned, or that rarely join the corporate network.


CVSS-based risk scores result in thousands of “critical” vulnerabilities. No business, even one with an army of analysts, has the time for that. Our Real Risk Score provides a more actionable, 1-1000 scale based on the likeliness of an attacker exploiting the vulnerability in a real attack. Backed up by threat feeds and business context, we give you the context that lets you prioritise vulnerabilities the way attackers would.


Most software dashboards are static: a snapshot of your risk at a particular time, unclickable and instantly out of date. Our dashboards are live and interactive by nature. You can easily create custom cards and full dashboards for anyone—from system admins to CISOs—and query each card with simple language to track progress of your security program.


Managed Vulnerability Management


Some of our customers don’t have the resource to manage their vulnerability program, we offer a managed service providing you with actionable intelligence, prioritised based on real risk to allow you and your team to concentrate on remediating against the highest risk. Our technical operations team and your aligned Cyber Security Consultant, will become an extension to your team, they will understand your business, your network, your assets and people.


How are you prioritising your remediation?


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