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Charterhouse are a Professional Reseller with Red Box which is the top tier partnership level.  Through our partnership with Red box, we provide you with the most resilient, open and connected voice capture platform. Unlock the value of captured voice through seamless integration with your choice of applications or services via free and open APIs or by utilising Red Box’s Quantify application suite, or a combination of both.

About Red Box

Red Box is the leading dedicated voice specialist, empowering organisations to capture, secure and unlock the value of enterprise wide voice. With the most open and connected platform, we capture and transcribe voice communications from over 55 systems (legacy and new), across global enterprises and SMEs. Our customers retain complete data sovereignty and we connect them to the broadest partner ecosystem to maximise the value of captured voice data.


Working with our global reseller channel, we are trusted by leading organisations across financial, contact centre, government and public safety sectors (including six of the world’s top banks, 85% of global interdealer brokers, 1,700 call centres and over 70% of UK police forces) and we capture and secure millions of calls daily for over 3,000 customers around the world.


Solutions for a Voice First World

Choose a solution that captures all conversations:

Capture, secure and unlock the inherent value of enterprise-wide voice with Red Box, a leading global provider of secure and resilient voice capture solutions.


With the most open and connected platform, Red Box capture all voice communications from anywhere, irrespective of source – without needing to change your existing telecoms infrastructure and backed by unrivalled resilience and service excellence.



Red Box captures voice from 55+ new and legacy telephony, UC, mobile, trading, radio and contact centre platforms, with the audio, rich metadata and transcribed text representations providing complete visibility of organisation wide conversations.


Data Sovereignty

You choose how to maximise the value of your captured voice data. Whether that’s via integration with your choice of applications or services via our free and open APIs, or by utilizing our Quantify application suite, or a combination of both – you remain in control.


Highly resilient

With automated failover between primary and secondary servers, Red Box supports the highest levels of resilience. Through Quantify Insight system health and performance are monitored, with results displayed on a live dashboard. System warnings and alarms are clearly displayed and provide immediate intelligence to IT and Infrastructure teams.


Flexible deployment options

For flexibility, Red Box Quantify supports on-site, virtual and hosted deployment models. Whichever option you choose, it’s easily scalable so can grow with your organisation.


Secure storage

Captured audio, metadata and transcriptions are stored securely within the local CallStore with AES 256bit encryption available. Organizations can also, through our open APIs, export their captured data to external leading compliance archiving and storage solutions.


Unrivalled compatibility

Red Box Quantify is compatible with communication platforms across major telephony vendors and financial trading systems.


By working with the world’s leading vendors, Red Box offer the assurance that their recording solutions meet the highest standards for integration and interoperability.

A choice of powerful applications

Red Box’s application suite helps maximize the value of voice data


Quantify Search and Replay

Powerful transcription and metadata search capabilities enable organizations to analyse voice communications simply through customisable search criteria. A fully integrated Media Player allows both quick replay and fine media control for dexterous playback. Its extensive feature set, including audio effects and replay speed, is designed to help you listen to even the most difficult conversations.


Quantify Live Acquire

Through Quantify Live Acquire supervisors can listen to conversations in real-time and develop individual coaching plans based on these agent interactions. Through the addition of the transcription post call, supervisors can search for a phrase or pinpoint a specific part of the communication and extract to highlight areas for improvement.


Quantify Event Reconstruct

Through Quantify Event Reconstruct organizations can piece together conversations from multiple devices and channels to create a timeline of communications as they took place, this tool alongside our replay functionality enables compliance teams to create custom, shareable workspaces for investigations and disclosure when required.


Quantify Quality Management

A comprehensive set of tools and automated workflows to effectively monitor call quality and proactively manage performance. Select criteria to automatically select high value calls, schedule and assign them to the right supervisor for evaluation. Set up custom evaluation forms and criteria to capture the right data and insight for your organisation.


Quantify Insight

Proactively check the status of your recording system through a visual dashboard and hands-off email reports. Access the data needed to understand and monitor system performance and prevent problems.


Agent Controls

Our agent controls, within the Red Box Workstation Client, provide optional client-side features to help control data that is being captured for each conversation such as PCI Suppression, Call annotation and Record on demand capabilities.

Maximising the value of voice

You are in control of your voice data, and with free and open REST-based APIs, Red Box enable you to integrate seamlessly with your existing and future business systems and take advantage of our best of breed partners to unlock additional value. From storage and archiving to analytics, AI, Business Intelligence, CRM, and compliance tools, you’re free to use whatever works best for your organisation.



Fast and accurate transcriptions of conversations (time stamped speech and call metadata with speaker separation) provide a hugely valuable data set that can be exported, processed and leveraged by a wide range of business systems providing enhanced search capabilities and improved analyticsfor your organisation.


Open integration

Our RESTful Web and .Net API options provide simple and straightforward ways to connect with your Red Box solution to applications of your choice.

  • Tag, lock and handle your calls efficiently with a range of agent and manager tools
  • Proactively monitor and manage your solution with our Insight dashboard and automated alerts
  • Push audio, rich metadata and transcripts in to your CRM, AI, Analytics and compliance archiving applications
  • Receive notifications about system activities such as a channel name change
  • Transition data from your legacy recorders with our Ingestion API
  • Find, retrieve, listen and analyse audio, metadata and transcripts for improved business insights
  • Control and Provision channels within your Red Box solution

Voice Data Controller

Voice and transcribed conversations can be imported to Salesforce® utilizing rich metadata to support automatic assignment to a Salesforce® lead, account or contact record. Your KYC (Know your Customer) strategies can come to life with the Voice Data Controller, with a 360 degree view of front, middle and back office customer interactions sales reps can easily use the transcribed data to analyse trends from customer conversations, and identify patterns in customer behaviour.


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