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Create and maintain a secure, compliant and efficient information infrastructure.

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Cyber Threats – Protect your organisation

Fusion Secure from Charterhouse helps organisations deliver a robust, operationally efficient security roadmap.


Underpinned by ensuring the Security and IT Teams have complete visibility, control, and contextualised information to make informed decisions to reduce their risk. 



Network Perimeter 


The network perimeter has long changed from the bricks and mortar of our offices and data centres, the first transition was to the cloud and more recently in the light of the challenges the world has faced in 2020, organisations network perimeter is now wherever the user is, including working from home. At Charterhouse, we help organisations design and deliver a perimeter security strategy that protects their users and corporate assets, no matter their location.  


Vulnerability Management 


Having complete visibility of all vulnerabilities on your network is crucial to delivering on your cyber security strategy. Many successful attacks utilise vulnerabilities on your network and often these are items that could have been patched if the IT team had the correct visibility. We deliver both managed and unmanaged solutions, that will detail what vulnerabilities are on your network and crucially, what are exploitable, and the level of skill required.  Read More »




As we all know, there is no silver bullet when it comes to protecting our organisations from successful cyber-attacks, therefore it is crucial you can detect these attacks as quickly as possible. To detect these attacks, you need a complete picture of your network, you need Network Traffic Analysis, EDR, User & Attacker Behaviour Analytics, with the logs across these areas correlated to look for anomalies. We deliver managed detection and response services alongside software that you can manage in house. Read More »


Securing your Users & Devices 


What can be one of the most challenging areas in Cyber Security, securing users that inherently make mistakes, we deliver solutions to give complete visibility of all user & device behaviour including all network traffic. This includes protecting DNS traffic through to full tunnel remote access solutions, end point protection through to end point detection and response.  Read More »


Application Security 


Protecting our public facing applications is crucial to the reputation of our business as this is often the ‘shop front’ in the cloud and where our customers can log in to access services. This protection can be reducing BOT traffic to reduce unwanted traffic to our servers or fully managed DDoS and WAF services. We also provide application security testing to provide your devops teams the ability to identify vulnerabilities during the build and live applications.

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