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The drive to deliver more with less has put local government public services under increasing strain over the last 10 years. Local government needs to strike the balance between working more effectively and efficiently, making greater use of resources, and focusing on what really matters to the public.

Councils are striving to make use of technology to improve services while saving taxpayers’ money – from providing citizens with the ability to pay for services or get help online, to using digital solutions to support vulnerable people, many councils are turning to technology to help make people’s lives easier and offer them a better experience.


Charterhouse is assisting local government to implement technology that

  • Improves public services through the use of customer experience solutions and AI
  • Provides multi channelcontact centre services for reporting issues such as missed bin collections or anti-social behaviour
  • Enables automatic and secure payment collections
  • Improves efficiency in council planning departments through workforce optimisation
  • Transforms legacy paper-based processes into secure digital workflows


Read more about how Charterhouse believes in helping local government embrace cultural change within the sector to enable smarter working, evolve the procurement process to become more flexible, and develop innovative commercial strategies.



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