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The challenge faced by the education sector is one of balancing the need to deliver an exceptional learning experience to students with ongoing funding constraints.

Addressing the technology needs of the Education Sector

Educational institutions need to be able to deal with legacy systems, security challenges and the demand from students who are fully immersed in the digital connected world.


Now, more than ever, the tools that technology provides will enable education to continue and develop amid the constraints of social distancing.


We are helping colleges and universities in their efforts to provide the infrastructure and applications they need to deliver an enhanced and relevant learning environment for students who expect technology to feature at the centre of their daily lives.

  • Contact centre solutions support clearing and enrolment for universities
  • AI automates repetitive processes and provides self-service functions
  • Collaboration, video and meetings solutions enrich student learning environments
  • Secure network access ensures data, people and processes aren’t compromised

We support the education sector by helping it to maximise the use of technology as an effective tool to reduce workload, increase efficiencies, engage students and transform the learning experience for all.


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