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The Business Design Centre selects Charterhouse to implement a scalable UC solution that improves customer experience.

Charterhouse Group implemented a cutting edge hybrid cloud telephony solution for the Business Design Centre. The solution has allowed them to diversify their service offerings, future proofing their business and enhancing the levels of service they deliver to their clients.

The Challenges

The BDC were running an end-of-life telephony system which failed to meet the functionality needs of their clients, especially those in the high tech space. The incumbent system utilised three on-premise Mitel controllers, with a Virgin ISDN for connectivity. The business needed to implement a new unified communication solution that allowed them to diversify their service offerings, whilst enhancing the level of service they delivered to their clients.

Charterhouse understood our business needs, and adapted accordingly. No matter our question, big or small, Charterhouse always responded. They were a key fit for our culture, and we had the same great experience no matter who we spoke to
Carly Kling
Property and Communications Manager

Charterhouse Group worked with the BDC to understand their requirements and drivers. Using a highly consultative approach, we designed a tailored solution that met and exceeded their business requirements. We have implemented a cutting edge hybrid cloud telephony solution for the BDC. The Mitel MiCloud hybrid cloud solution is clustered with three Mitel physical controllers at the BDC building, allowing for ‘always on’ availability whilst enabling the BDC and their clients to easily scale up and scale down
services as required.

  • Increased Resilience: the hybrid cloud telephony solution delivers high uptime, and provides resilience in the event of a cloud outage.
  • Diversified Service Offerings: the BDC can now offer a wide range of feature-rich telephony and collaboration packages to their clients.These packages embrace unified messaging, conferencing, and collaboration.
  • Enabling Agile Working: the solution enables the BDC and their clients to embrace agile and flexible working practices.
  • Client Service Levels: the BDC, and the BDC’s clients, are able to offer a higher level of service to their respective clients.
The Charterhouse team trained us on the new telephony solution, and on launch day we were confident when using the new phones. Their engineers really were fantastic. Now that the project has completed, Charterhouse continue to be a positive addition to our key suppliers. We see them as an extension to our team, and it’s reassuring to know that they’re there in the background, ready to help us if we need them. We no longer have a single point of failure, as if any one of our staff members are away we can make everyone aware that they can always contact Charterhouse.
Kathy Elson,
Telecoms Manager, Business Design Centre Limited


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