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Barretts of Canterbury selected Charterhouse Group to deliver a unified telephony solution across multiple sites. The solution has improved usability, enhanced customer service, and reduced costs.

The Challenges

Barretts of Canterbury are a growing business. As they have expanded their franchises into more locations, they have inherited a number of different legacy telephony systems. Prior to engaging with Charterhouse Group, these systems – many of which were up to 25 years old – were not integrated, and could be unreliable; users often had to reset their phones if they stopped working. This incumbent telephony was not fit for purpose – it was expensive, unreliable, and didn’t support collaboration between sites. Barretts of Canterbury sought a telephony solution that offered a unified experience for users and customers, reduced costs, and helped support a common identity throughout the business.

We have a great working relationship with Charterhouse. It really feels like they’re there for the business relationship, and not just the money. With any kind of technology things can go wrong, but their support team are fantastic and always a pleasure to work with. We’ve never had an issue working with Charterhouse “
Lee Apps
Group IT Manager

Solution and Benefits

The Mitel deployment saw two physical controllers, hosted at 2 separate sites, within Barretts of Canterbury’s network, delivering telephony across all sites. This was achieved through external facing IP trunks, along with the utilisation of the internal WAN for internal calls and resiliency

  • Cost Savings: the unified telephony solution has reduced costs by 50% allowing Barretts of Canterbury to invest in a network infrastructure upgrade.
  • Improved Usability: usability has greatly improved, enabling Barretts of Canterbury’s staff to deliver the best possible service to customers.
  • Call Handling: customer calls can be handled more effectively, and staff can move easily around sites if needed. Calls can also be bounced to groups if they are left unanswered.
  • Common Identity: the unified telephony solution supports a common identity throughout Barretts of Canterbury’s different locations. This has improved customer experience, and has resulted in overall brand improvement for the business.


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