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Networking From A Different Perspective

Visibility. Control. Resilience.
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Keep your networks optimised and future-proofed with SD-LAN

SD-LAN is a new and powerful Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) network solution from Charterhouse that gives you firm control of your networks from anywhere at any time. Now, whatever happens, your business-critical networks can run smoothly and efficiently while maintaining the tightest security and highest resilience.

Take a fresh look at your network

Typically, networks are difficult to optimise. Complex systems with multiple devices, applications and users require constant attention. Changes take time to implement and rely on time-intensive, expensive on-site monitoring and maintenance. Instead, SD-LAN is:

  • Low maintenance

    Automated monitoring identifies faults and alerts engineers, while all your installations, backups and upgrades are done for you.

  • Easy optimisation

    Your network always delivers its best thanks to AI and Machine Learning that continuously improve and optimise performance.

  • Flexible to change

    With configuration in the cloud, it’s easy to quickly reshape your network to take on extra users, devices or premises.

Flexible, annuity-based payments

Why suffer the financial pain of large capital expenditure when you can spread the cost of your network management with regular payments?

Our payment plans flex and adjust as your requirements grow, so you stay in firm control of cost as well as your network.

Networking from a different perspective

Charterhouse - SD-Lan eBook

The world of work is becoming more challenging, unpredictable and remote. Organisations can’t afford their networks to be left behind. Discover how cloud technology has created XaaS (Anything-as-a-Service), an expanding universe of business services that keep workers better connected and more productive. Now Networking-as-a-Service (NaaS) has arrived to revolutionise the way organisations manage their networks. Read our ebook to find out more.

XaaS market value is set to almost quadruple, from ​$93.8 billion in 2018 to
$344.3 billion in 2024.
Jumpstart 2020.

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Join us at our “networking from a different perspective” webinar, for your chance to receive a sd-lan enabled wifi-6 access point and network audit*


Why attend:

  • Learn how a combination of technology, services and annuity based purchasing can optimise your network.
  • Understand how your network can always deliver optimum levels of performance, resilience and end user experience.
  • Discover how your business can stop wrestling with network issues so it can focus on its core objectives.

Take control of your network management with SD-LAN


*eligibility requirements apply

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Join us and Gartner Magic Quadrant leaders Extreme Networks at our webinar & Q&A session, where we will demonstrate the pillars of this “first to market” proposition.


Private Sector – 29th October


Public Sector – 5th November

SD-LAN for visibility, control and resilience

Brought to you by Charterhouse, SD-LAN is a fully managed NaaS solution powered by industry-leading Extreme XIQ cloud technology and supported by best-in-class Charterhouse services.
  • Extreme XIQ technology

    Take advantage of the most reliable and secure cloud technology. Extreme XIQ performs automated monitoring, management and optimisation of all your network devices, and uses AI and Machine Learning to keep your user-experiences perfectly tuned across every location.

  • Fully managed service

    This is an ITIL Based Managed Service which includes 24x7x365 autonomous monitoring of your network environment, full service reviews, reporting, proactive trend analysis and software upgrades. If a network issue occurs, we despatch an engineer and replacement equipment to site.

To learn more about the benefits of SD-LAN, read our Technical Overview.


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