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Exclusive Providers of the World’s First ‘Unified User’ WiFi & 4G Protected SIMs & Devices.

Digital Inc. and our global partners, design-build and deploy Network (not device) Level ‘Content Filtered’ online Safeguarding and Internet Security across Mobile Devices.

Our unique products and services can be used across ANY GLOBAL WiFi hotspot or 4G Carrier network – available to B2C, B2B, Enterprise and Public Sectors.


Digital Inc (Hllo+) Network Level Content Filtering & Cyber Security protection, was developed to provide ‘users’ of the internet with a comprehensive and secure method of ensuring only appropriate and sanctioned content is accessed regardless of their type of Internet connection (Unified global WiFi and 3G/4G/5G MBB). This is specific to a: users – employees/consumers, groups, departments, teams or Business Sector.


From Prevent Duty Compliant Safeguarding for Children and Families to enforced ‘work only’ permitted content for Investment Banking, we are able to unify, monitor, filter (allow/deny) and report a user’s activity across every internet connection they make from their smartphone, tablet, PC or 3G/4G/5G MBB SIM.


Digital Inc. assists in providing areas of compliance and an evidence base of each users data transfer/internet session made, filtered via 38 Native Languages with content sanction/blocked by: content type/URL/device IP/Geo-location and many others (all via 1132 dynamic filters + categorisations thereof).


Each user’s activity automatically generates a comprehensive report which provides a fast and easy evidence base of activity over a selected time period. There is no user intervention/access required for updates, maintenance or management.


From Mum or dad to Global CTO, Administrators manage the ‘user’ parameters of their entire estate instantly.



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