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Being able to detect and respond to suspicious behaviour on your network is a key piece of armoury for every business, and will continue to be so, at least until the proverbial ‘silver bullet’ is created.


InsightIDR is your security centre for incident detection and response, authentication monitoring, and endpoint visibility. InsightIDR identifies unauthorised access from external and internal threats and highlights suspicious activity so you don’t have to weed through thousands of data streams.


InsightIDR combines the full power of endpoint forensics, network traffic analysis, log search, and sophisticated dashboards into a single solution. It is a Software as a Service (SaaS) tool that collects data from your existing network security tools, authentication logs, and endpoint devices.


Log Ingestion


Unlike many traditional SIEM tools, you are not charged for the amount of logs ingested, the cost is per asset.


This ensures you are not only getting half of the picture because of the financial constraints of ingesting every log you have. The more logs, the better the picture, the better the understanding and the quicker the response.


Correlation of Logs


InsightIDR correlates all of the ingested logs and identifies suspicious user and attacker behaviour.


Correlating logs is crucial to detecting a breach as a single log might not be suspicious on its own, however 2 logs correlated with each other may be suspicious. An example of this is, impossible time travel, if a user logs in to their VPN in the UK and then into Office365 USA within a few mins, this could be a credential leak, however the logs on their own are not necessarily suspicious.


Lightweight Agent


Many organisations are utilising remote working and traditionally when the device is off the network, the security team are blind to that device and certainly the behaviour of that device. The agent provides visibility no matter where the device is removing this blackspot.


Detection and Response


To keep up with an ever-evolving environment, stay ahead of attackers, and combat the constraints of an under-resourced industry, security teams must find ways to improve efficiency in their security operations.


InsightIDR, offers a number of automation features to double down on these efficiencies. These include prebuilt workflows for things like containing threats on an endpoint & suspending user accounts.



Managed Detection & Response


For organisations that want to outsource their security operations centre, in conjunction with Rapid7, we provide a fully managed 24/7/365 service. The SOC analysts will not only triage and manage any alerts, they will also threat hunt within your network to identify currently unknown threats.

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