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Many cyber security vendors have been commenting ‘the perimeter is dead’ for many years, however early in 2020, the perimeter changed beyond recognition for organisations across the globe.


For many years we have concentrated on protecting our corporate networks, whether this is our offices, our data centres or cloud environments. However, what very few organisations planned for was having 90%+ of their workforce working outside of the corporate environment.


Many are predicting organisations will continue to allow their staff to work more flexibly, therefore this new challenge to IT and Security teams is likely to remain.


Our new corporate network extends to unsecure home environments, therefore protecting our users and their devices has become a higher priority.


End Point Protection


Every organisation utilises an end point protection solution, however in many cases they are still relying on signatures to detect and stop known threats. Attackers have two advantages against this type of defence, speed and the ability to amend their malware thousands of times per hour. Signature based solutions cannot keep up with the speed the attackers can work, therefore a layered approach is crucial.


Our End Point Protection solutions offers signature protection, but also utilises Sandboxing, Behaviour Analytics, Exploit Prevention & Ransomware Protection, therefore protecting your devices against all of the attack vectors.


DNS Security


DNS as a protocol is inherently weak but crucial to everyone, attackers use DNS in over 90% of attacks and many organisations have no DNS protection in place and are certainly not monitoring it for suspicious behaviour.


Many organisations rely on static Content Filtering databases, and whilst they are important for safeguarding and blocking known threats, they are unable to detect new malicious domains and protect the user from items such as DNS Tunnelling.


DNS Tunnelling is becoming a greater risk for all organisations, as it is extremely difficult to detect it, and it can be used to extract data from an organisation. Attackers break your data down to very small chunks within the DNS payload and extract it right in front of your eyes, without you knowing.


Our DNS solution provides traditional content filtering and using threat intelligence and behavioural analytics, protects your users from complex DNS attacks.

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