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Fusion teams

The voice of successful teams

Fusion Teams from the Charterhouse Voice and Data Group is a new and powerful portfolio of voice solutions that integrate all the features of your current office telephone system with Microsoft Teams to build a single, self-contained online collaboration space.

Fusion teams gives you:

Stronger collaboration: Combining Microsoft Teams functionality with feature-rich voice enhances collaboration between your internal teams and customers and contacts outside your organisation.

Flexible working: Always-on voice availability supports remote working with no reliance on office-based infrastructure.

Cost saving: Improve communication, raise productivity and save money with a choice of price plans.


Giving organisations a voice in an ever-changing world

Microsoft Teams active daily users rocketed by 234% to 75 million between March and April 2020.*

As the 2020 lockdowns took hold across the world, thousands of organisations switched from face-to-face to virtual. Today, over 500,000 organisations use Microsoft Teams to support remote team working*. But, while Microsoft Teams keeps organisations collaborating online, office phone systems are often premise-based and remain inaccessible to staff working from home. This results in a disconnect across internal and out-facing communication that stifles interaction and productivity.


The answer is to integrate your voice telephony into the Microsoft Teams environment, so every comms channel is inter-connected and available to all your staff from anywhere.


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Fusion teams solutions:

Teams Essential:

Enable your phone system within Microsoft Teams without the cost of the Microsoft Calling Plan.



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Teams Enterprise:

Integrate your office phone system (PBX) within Microsoft Teams to extend your existing voice capabilities.


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Teams Hub:

Create a bespoke collaboration space within Microsoft Teams with more advanced and
global voice capabilities.


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