When it comes to business mobility, it’s rare that 1 network provides all staff with exceptional coverage; what businesses often need are multiple networks to keep everybody connected. This leads to multiple contracts and relationships with suppliers.

Recognising this, Charterhouse are ensuring businesses only need 1 partner and 1 SIM card to provide businesses with access to 4 mobile networks.


Find out how this works by viewing this eBook.


With our MultiNet SIM, if your primary network is unreachable, your handset picks up the strongest network available so to you and your staff it’s business as usual.


Your business has access to maximum coverage; you’re able to switch between networks based upon your location. This means you’re able to stay in touch with customers when on the go and workforce productivity improves as devices stay connected for longer. No app or software is required, all the technology sits within the Charterhouse SIM card itself; we have the ability to identify your ideal tariff based on usage and the MultiNet functionality of the SIM card comes as an optional Bolt-On.


Being one of the UK leading providers of business mobile solutions Charterhouse Voice and Data help businesses use technology to communicate more effectively both internally and with their customers.


If this mobile development is something you’d like to take a closer look at or trial, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Alternatively you can download this eBook that contains further information on the technology and how it works: click here for your copy.