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Learn how to understand your security risks, reduce those risks and automate against new risks.





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32% of UK businesses identified cyber security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months and 48% identified at least one breach or attack a month.

*“Assets.publishing.service.gov.uk, 2020″

Helping you understand the risks of cyber-attack, how to reduce that risk and automate new risks with our guide to Cyber Security.

In our guide to cyber security, we discover how recent research shows that 74%* of UK businesses consider cyber security to be a high priority however a massive 43% have still suffered a cyber-breach in the last 12 months.


In this rapidly evolving risk landscape, it’s critically important for organisations to stay well-protected. Yet many, while recognising the dangers, are unsure of the best action to take and do not have a formal cyber security policy in place.


Download our guide to cyber security to understand where security attacks come from, how to minimise your risk and combat new threats using automation.

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Charterhouse deliver technology solutions that drive business success.

Our security expertise covers every enterprise requirement, from network security, mobile security and security consulting to compliance and governance.

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Our Approach

Our consultant-led Cyber Security Review provides a tailored security profile that pinpoints vulnerabilities and risk and defines a roadmap to optimise your business security.

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Powerful Partnerships

We hold close relationships with leading partners such as Palo Alto Networks, Darktrace, One Identity, Cyberscore and Nuix. This enables us to offer a breadth of security and compliance integration unrivalled in the market.

Our guide to Cyber Security - Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials Plus Certified

Charterhouse are certified members of Cyber Essentials Plus, a UK Government-backed, industry-supported certification scheme to help organisations demonstrate operational security against common cyber-attacks.


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