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Improving your security posture is critical to the success of your organisation

Cyber Security Review

At Charterhouse, we understand the threat of a successful cyber-attack is increasing, the result of which can be catastrophic to an organisation. We often hear about the financial impact of fines, however, the effect can penetrate much deeper, affecting the very operation and reputation of a business.


Our security portfolio enables us to “future proof” organisations against cyber threats. It protects them not just against legacy, known threats but even more importantly, against the unknown threats of tomorrow. Attackers are now using Artificial Intelligence and attacks are becoming more sophisticated with new and adapted threats being discovered every day. Your organisation must be protected against them.


The Business Risk

The risk to an organisation of a cyber attack and data breach has evolved over recent years. With increased awareness through traditional and social media as well as new regulations, a brand can find themselves very quickly with a damaged reputation, which can be a real challenge to turn around.

When an organisation is unfortunate to be on the receiving end of a successful cyber-attack, one of the biggest immediate impacts on the business can be their operations. The business must respond quickly and shut down their network. This means the way communications are handled both internally and externally must be changed, which for example in the manufacturing or service industry, could lead to a loss of production or billable hours.


Each risk is prioritised differently depending on the sector, as it is generally industry-led. Reputation could be the highest priority in the service industry, for example, would you trust a law firm that has had a successful breach?


The Charterhouse approach to the security posture

Our consultant-led Cyber Security Review provides a tailored security profile that pinpoints vulnerabilities, business risks and technology-based risks, and defines a roadmap to optimise your business security.


Charterhouse Cyber Security Review gives an invaluable insight into the security posture of your business. Conducted by one of our cyber security consultants, the assessment is quick to execute, free of charge and includes:


  • Identification of your current security gaps and vulnerabilities
  • Assessment of your financial, operational and reputational risks
  • Cyber-security checklist and roadmap tailored to your business
  • Step-one to developing your automated protection system

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