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Village Hotels select Charterhouse Voice & Data to deliver scalable, feature-rich telephony services.

Village Hotels select Charterhouse Voice & Data to deliver telephony services across their 30 locations. All telephony services are highly scalable, featuring advanced functionality that supports Village Hotels’ tech-first approach.

The Challenges

Village Hotels were purchased by a venture capital company in 2014. Prior to the acquisition, Village Hotels had a reputation as a straightforward, reliable value hotel chain.  Following the acquisition, the new owners sought to revolutionise the services that Village Hotels offered to guests. Technology moved to the forefront, with self-check-in, wireless phones, and high-bandwidth, dependable Wi-Fi offered to guests as standard. This was complemented by a TV advertising campaign; a first for the business.


CVD have been very professional from the outset and devoted to finding strong
technical solutions whilst maintaining that all important competitive edge. Their
professional services engineers, service managers and account management have proven to be extremely reliable in scoping and delivering end to end solutions which has been a breath of fresh air
Dan Morley
Head of I.T Infrastructure and Service Delivery, Village Hotels

Solutions and Benefits

Charterhouse Voice & Data (CVD) were chosen to deliver telephony services across Village Hotels’ 30 locations. The telephony services delivered include calls, lines, and support and maintenance for Village Hotels’ locations across the UK. We are also rolling out our hosted telephony across 10 locations, offering advanced functionality to Village Hotels.


Village Hotels benefit from an OPEX model, allowing them to scale up and down easily and keep costs manageable. The hosted telephony solution also delivers the latest software and hardware to Village Hotels, helping them to avoid accumulating outdated IT assets.


CVD are a highly capable, professional telephony provider and they are actively supporting us in delivering positive
changes throughout the Village Hotels organisation.
Dan Morley
Head of I.T Infrastructure and Service Delivery, Village Hotels

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