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Named in honour of Alan Turing, the pioneering mathematician and computer scientist, The Institute was founded in 2015 by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.


One of the keys to the continued success of The Institute is the successful collaboration of researchers from across a wide range of disciplines. Technology plays a vital role in enabling these workgroups to come together, share ideas and advance our understanding of big data.

Collaboration is key to our mission and a core value; our research is cross-disciplinary amongst data scientists which is the first time this has been done. The solution from Charterhouse embodies collaboration and enables us to work the way we need to
Joseph Matevicius
The Turing Project Manager

System Requirements

As a new entity, Charterhouse were starting with a blank canvas a complete technology overhaul, the system requirements were

  • Mobile with geographically remote workers
  • Small footprint with limited office space
  • Flexible collaboration across multiple devices
  • Scalable technology  for a rapid growing organisation

Solution implemented

  • Cloud-based IP telephony, providing both flexibility and scalability
  • Softphones enhance UC capabilities, providing collaboration anywhere
  • Privately hosted Mitel MiVoice
  • Ethernet First Mile (EFM)
  • Cisco L2 and L3 switching
  • Cloud-based Lifesize VC, for up to 40 users on multiple devices
  • A single service agreement,incorporating SIP and mobile management
The team at Charterhouse got us up and running by the agreed date against all odds, I really appreciate the dedication that has gone into making sure this happened
Joseph Matevicius
The Turing Institute, Project Manager

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