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About Astrum Education

Astrum Education operates two schools in central London: Kensington Park School, a new independent school for boys and girls aged 11 to 18; and Chelsea Independent College, for pupils aged 14 to 19 who come from more than 30 countries.



The wider staff body is responsible for integrating pastoral care, sport, music and performing arts into the curriculum in order to provide a fully-rounded education for each pupil.

The Challenge

Astrum Education had an unmanaged print hardware estate sourced from and supported by multiple suppliers. This meant that when faults occurred Astrum staff firstly had to identify which of their suppliers they needed to contact before they could begin to resolve the issue.


In instances where the wrong supplier was contacted it would cause unnecessary delays. Each supplier also had different SLA’s and delivery methods which meant it was difficult to predict resolution time frames. It was also difficult to predict spend due to variances in supplier costs and billing periods.

The Solution

Astrum engaged Charterhouse to help understand their print use and requirements and recommend a unified print hardware estate controlled by an industry leading print management solution. Charterhouse proposed a Canon hardware estate and PaperCut integrated software solution.


Canon was selected because their hardware is feature rich and able to handle the large volumes of print necessary in education and PaperCut is particularly suitable for this sector due to the levels of control and insight into print use.


Astrum selected Charterhouse to be their trusted partner in this project due to both the quality of the solution and support proposed as well as the competitive commercial offering.


“Charterhouse helped me to understand our print requirements and to overcome a number of challenges we were previously experiencing with our equipment and service. Since we have moved to Charterhouse, our print experience has greatly improved and we have seen numerous other benefits related to the solution they recommended”
John Maxfield
Group ICT Director, Astrum Education

The Benefits

Astrum selected Charterhouse to be their trusted partner in this project due to both the quality of the solution and support proposed as well as the competitive commercial offering.




  • New faster equipment resulting in less time spent at the printer for staff and students
  • Increased reliability due to the robust Canon platform
  • A single manufacturer deployment allows Astrum to retain a more efficient stock of consumables
  • The familiar UI across the print estate results in a better experience for users and simpler training
  • The consistent devices allow Astrum to maximise their investment by rotating the equipment to ensure even volume distribution
  • Uniform cost per copies across all devices and a single quarterly bill means that Astrum can more accurately budget for print spend
  • Charterhouse as the sole supplier gives Astrum a predictable timeframe to resolve all issues with a single SLA
  • Remote monitoring of the Canon hardware enables Charterhouse to automatically generate toner orders when they are running low and automatically retrieve device volumes for quarterly billing, which improves user experience


  • The introduction of PaperCut gives Astrum complete insight into all print, copy and scan usage across all sites
  • The implementation of ‘Follow me’ printing reduces print waste resulting from mistaken and uncollected print jobs.
  •  ‘Follow me’ printing also introduced a more secure information environment for staff and students
  •  ‘Follow me’ printing enabled users to choose any device to collect their print jobs resulting in 100% device availability
  • Authenticating at a device means that all copying, scanning and printing is recorded and allocated to a user which increases security and helps to reduce print abuse
  • The PaperCut software enables Astrum to dramatically reduce their print spend as they are able to set controls and limits on printing and copying dependent on user roles
  • The implementation of PaperCut allows Astrum to allocate a budget to each student which caps their print spend


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