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Improving your security posture is critical to the success of your organisation

At Charterhouse, we understand the threat of a successful cyber-attack is increasing, the result of which can be catastrophic to an organisation. We often hear about the financial impact of fines, however, the effect can penetrate much deeper, affecting the very operation and reputation of a business.


Cyber Security is a challenge for all organisations, small and large, public and private sector, Fusion Secure from Charterhouse helps organisations deliver a robust, operationally efficient security roadmap. Underpinned by ensuring the Security and IT Teams have complete visibility, control and contextualised information to make informed decisions to reduce their risk.


For many years Cyber Security experts have been talking about reducing the attack surface, however within the continued growth of the cloud, the change in working locations in 2020, the attack surface for most organisations is actually larger, for example where is the perimeter of your network now? The office, the data centre, public cloud, home offices, SaaS applications, most likely the answer is all of them. We need to ensure we continue to adapt our security strategy based on contextualised information, regular audits and visibility of everything, your users, your data, your devices.


Our Approach


Using our experience of working with organisations in various sectors and of different sizes, we developed our five steps to a successful cyber security strategy which now underpins our approach.

  • Discovery – Understanding your current security posture and gaining complete visibility
  • Get Context – Context helps decides priorities, a successful strategy cannot be implemented overnight
  • Prevention – Prevent every attack you can
  • Automate – Automate as much as possible to reduce workloads on stretched IT teams
  • Manage – Ongoing management and audit to ensure continued reduction in risk

Using this proven approach, you gain the visibility and context your organisation needs to make informed decision on priorities based on actual risk to you, which allows your resources to be used more efficiently, whether that is people or budget.


Why Fusion Secure from Charterhouse


Our team of experienced Cyber Security Consultants & Engineers develop a partnership with you and your colleagues, we do not believe Cyber Security can ‘just’ be outsourced, yes, the technical elements, threat hunting, audit etc. can be, however no one is going to know your business as well as you. A Cyber Security strategy should be a joined up approach between both organisations, we will ensure you have the right visibility, context & advice to make informed decisions, but the appetite for risk and operational impact of these decisions can only be decided from within your company.


We have partnered with some of the leading vendors in Cyber Security to support the strategy we agree with you, including Palo Alto Networks, CheckPoint, Mimecast, Rapid7, Infoblox and Radware.

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